Deluxe detailing:

Deluxe Auto Detailing

Exterior & Interior Detailing
$ 495
00 /small car
  • $550 /Large car/ small SUV
  • $595 / Large SUV / Van / Truck

Deluxe detailing is recognized by some car collectors, custom car builders and high-end car dealerships as one of the most professional detailing service in metro Vancouver area. We believe in putting the customer and their car first, which is why we treat your car to the highest of standards. We ensure that the customer and every inch of their car are meticulously cared for whist in our hands without any exception. You need to ask yourself whether it makes sense to subject your car to amateur detailers using substandard and inexpensive products. It is products such as those that are not only extremely harsh but in the long term which can lead to an acceleration in depreciation.

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