exterior car detailing:

Level 1

Exterior Detailing
$ 250
00 /small car
  • $275 / Large car/ Small SUV
  • $300 / Large SUV / Van / Truck

Level 2
Enhancement Protection Detail

Exterior Detailing
$ 395
/ Small car
  • $450 / Large car /small SUV
  • $500 / Large SUV / Van / Truck

Level 3
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Exterior Detailing
$ 695
00 /Small car
  • $750 / Large car /Small SUV
  • $850 / Large SUV / Van /Truck

Burnaby Auto Spa's

Level 1 - Protection Detail

Level 2 - enhancement and protection detail

Most exterior detailing services provide washing and waxing or a restorative buffing and polishing process. Washing and waxing gives your paint a cosmetic shine that can wash off very quickly. Buffing and polishing are a common method offered to restore a dull, rough and scratched paint finish. Unfortunately, the abrasive swirl patterns that everyone recognizes in the reflection of dark colored car finishes are often the result of standard waxing and polishing methods.

We believe you deserve a better finish for your money!

Our exclusive guaranteed swirl-free paint renewal system and custom formulated aircraft wax coating will give your cars finish the highest gloss and longest lasting protection available.

Burnaby Auto Spa's

Level 3 - Paint Correction and ceramic coating




Burnaby auto spa

We offer several car detailing packages. Contact Us to Book Now.

Headlight Lens Restoration

We’ve all seen car headlights that have turned into a foggy haze. Not only does it look bad, but it’s also unsafe because it can’t produce as much light. Your headlights are a sealed unit, so you can’t just replace the clear plastic and if it’s an expensive car with high-performance lights, replacement is very expensive. Without proper maintenance, the sun’s UV rays and contaminates such as acid rain, salt and road debris degrade and discolor your car’s clear plastic lenses. Halogen and other high-intensity headlight operate at very high temperatures, further contributing to degradation. However, your car’s headlights don’t have to be that way, and if they are, we can fix them. A headlight restoration is a repair process that removes surface damage and restores lens clarity even in very bad condition. Machine polishing is used to remove haze, scratches and sun damage, restoring clarity and improving visibility. Wet sanding is utilized if and when necessary, typically for headlights that are severely faded or yellow. We also apply a durable paint protection coating to the lens after correction to prevent any fading from occurring in the near future.

Headlight Restoration

Interior Detailing Package
$ 100
00 /car
  • Add Value to your car!

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