Benefits of applying
P2 GRAPHENE Pure to your vehicle:

200x Stronger than Steel.

GRAPHENE Pure is the world’s strongest material. It will leave your vehicle’s exterior surfaces looking great and protect them from things like UV Rays, weather erosion, and acid rain.

The Glossiest Paint Protection

GRAPHENE Pure coatings leave a high-gloss finish and significantly improve colour depth. Your vehicle will look better than the day it rolled off of the dealership’s parking lot!

Self Cleaning Properties

It doesn’t stop there. GRAPHENE Pure is also fantastic for marine applications as well. Because it creates a strong surface bone with whatever it is being applied to, it can ensure your boat is protected from UV Rays, minor dock rub, and more.

Automotive Protection

Automotive Surface Protection

GRAPHENE Pure is one of the leading vehicle paint protection coatings for automotive applications. It will leave your vehicle looking better than the day it rolled off of the dealership's lot thanks to its reflective shine and the unmatched level of colour depth that it provides.


Interior Shield

protect your vehicle inside & out with interior shield

Protect your vehicle from daily wear and tear, as well as, damaging drink spills, dirt, grime, mold growth, dye transfer, and UV damage. INTERIOR SHIELD provides the same level of incredible surface protection for the interior of your vehicle. Drive down the road and drink that coffee on the way to work with confidence!

Coating is Backed

backed by 5 year guarantee

P2 GRAPHENE Pure is backed by a five-year guarantee when applied by one of our certified installers. If your coating isn't performing well within the first five years of being applied, your vehicle will receive another coating at no cost to you. We go to great lengths to ensure your vehicle receives PURE Surface Protection.

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